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I really hope that someday I marry the kind of guy that doesn’t take himself seriously at all because neither do I, so at our wedding we could have the most terrible/incredible music out on the dance floor (I’m thinking the hour-long cut of the Heyeayeayeah song and the Kingdom Hearts theme along with Sonic Advance soundtrack music and a mashup of every Skrillex song ever made) and when we say our vows to each other we write them to be solely composed of quotes from “The Room” and dubstep noises. Also, instead of formal dress we wear really terrible 90s rave clothing (yes I’m talking baggy cargos) and exchange Kandi along with our rings. Party favors would include silk napkins with faces of 90’s R’n’B artists screened on them; a single Starbucks VIA instant coffee pouch; and a practice SAT. We would serve the most obscure of Serbian national delicacies.

I want to get married in a catholic Church.

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